Our Story

Welcome to Kite Club Dubai – A place where you can learn Kitesurfing, one of the most exciting sports on the planet!

Launched over a decade ago in the UAE by its passionate founders, Kite Club Dubai was born following a demand for more exhilarating water sports and experiences in Dubai.

Featuring an internationally trained team of IKO certified instructors, Kite Club Dubai is dedicated to the art of kitesurfing as a safe and an accessible sport for everyone and everybody. With classes in English, French and Arabic as well as lessons that cater to women and children only, Kite Club Dubai seeks to offer clients a unique kite surfing experience and a chance to break through barriers and learn to fly like a bird!

Kite Club Dubai is open 365 days a year, 7 days a week from 10am-7pm. Join us and learn to fly like a bird!

"I love going to the beach and I have a lot of good memories training with the KCD team. They make everything so easy to understand and made me love the beach even more!"

Majid | India

"I took 2 hours of private classes a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it. The best thing about these classes is that it's completely suited to your needs. The KCD instructors never move on to the next subject or exercise until you master the current one. Very professional!"

Sarah | Netherlands

"Hicham as an instructor was very patient with me and gave me 100% to make sure that I learned the basics and fundamentals as well as the safety involved in the sport. Definitely one of the best instructors in Dubai!"

Michael lesser | Sydney, Australia

We believe: Every day is a kite day.

The Kite Club Dubai team is dedicated to ensuing everyone and everybody can experience kite surfing in a fun and safe environment.

We believe that regardless of your fitness level, background or experience – everyone can fly with kite surfing in a safe, fun and exhilarating way!

With decades of experience and knowledge, the KCD team understands that everyone learns at a different pace and that building a confident set of skills is crucial for kitesurfing. With this in mind, our trainers adapt and tailor the classes according to each individual.

This is also the reason why we allocate our time and attention to ensure that all our students understand all the safety measures and details of the equipment and watersports we offer.

Our mission: Quality over Quantity

Whether it’s kitesurfing or stand up paddle boarding – our goal is to create unique experiences for all people with high quality products so that every day can be a perfect day to hit the beach!

KCD are also the suppliers of high-quality Kites & Boards with a strong focus for design, performance and innovation.We stand for high quality kites and kiteboards with a long product-life. Expert advice by our exclusive network of sales partners as well as trainers is a necessity to gain happy customers.

Our Vision: Our family

Kite Club Dubai prides itself on strong customer service and relationship referrals. We consider our customers as family which is why we offer special packages and member rates. Whatever you need, you can count on us to take care of you. Our commitment to service is also reflected in our competitive prices and drive to ensure every customer leaves happy!